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Acuity RM reports widening loss and appoints new finance director

Acuity RM Group PLC Reports Widened Yearly Loss Amid Rise in Costs

Are you interested in the latest updates from the cybersecurity software industry? If so, you’ll want to hear about the recent financial report from Acuity RM Group PLC. Despite reporting a widened yearly loss, the London-based company is optimistic about its future growth and potential.

In the year ended 31 December 2023, Acuity RM Group PLC saw its pretax loss increase to GBP1.3 million, up from GBP341,000 the previous year. This rise in losses was attributed to a significant increase in administration costs, which climbed to GBP2.2 million from GBP316,000. However, the company did secure a lucrative contract with the British government worth over GBP500,000 for its Stream platform.

Chief Executive Officer Angus Forrest expressed confidence in the company’s future prospects, stating that 2023 was a year of transformation for Acuity. With a growing sales pipeline, increased annual contract value, and expanding forward contracted revenue, the company is poised for growth and increased shareholder value.

To further strengthen its leadership team, Acuity appointed Katherine Buchan as finance director. With a background in finance roles at Lloyds Banking Group PLC and Credit Suisse, Buchan brings valuable experience and expertise to the company.

Despite the challenges faced in the past year, Acuity remains focused on driving growth and improving its business performance. As the company continues to innovate and expand its offerings in the cybersecurity software market, investors and industry observers will be watching closely to see how Acuity navigates the evolving landscape.

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