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Africa looks for indigenous solutions to address debt issues

African Development Bank launches initiative to address debt challenges in Africa

The African continent is facing a significant challenge when it comes to debt management, with 13 countries at high risk of debt distress and 6 already in debt distress. This issue has prompted the African Development Bank to launch a new initiative called the African Debt Managers Initiative Network (ADMIN) to provide tailored and homegrown solutions to the debt challenges faced by African countries.

The inauguration of ADMIN took place in Addis Ababa, with the theme of Developing and Deepening Domestic Debt Markets in Africa. The initiative aims to strengthen the debt management capacity of officials and institutions in order to resolve debt challenges, restore macroeconomic stability, and support inclusive growth. It also seeks to promote the exchange of experiences among debt managers in regional member countries.

The growing financing needs for infrastructure development, poverty reduction, climate change mitigation, and tackling insecurity are driving African countries to increase their borrowing, further increasing debt vulnerability. This, coupled with weak debt management capacity in many countries, has worsened macroeconomic outcomes and exacerbated debt distress in some countries.

Ghana, Malawi, Congo Republic, Sudan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are among the countries already in debt distress or unable to pay their debts, while others such as Burundi, Cameroon, and Kenya are at high risk of falling into distress. The meeting emphasized the importance of developing an African domestic debt market to provide cheaper and more stable sources of debt financing for development needs.

Former Director of Debt Management at South Africa’s National Treasury, Johan Krynauw, highlighted the importance of African countries working together to promote knowledge-sharing and support each other on debt management issues. He emphasized the need for local solutions to local problems and the importance of African debt managers collaborating to find effective solutions.

The launch of ADMIN and the focus on developing domestic debt markets in Africa are crucial steps towards addressing the continent’s debt challenges and promoting sustainable economic growth. By working together and sharing experiences, African countries can strengthen their debt management capacity and find effective solutions to their debt distress.

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