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BJKS reports over 800 fatalities in road accidents during June

Road Accident Report: 801 Killed and 3,267 Injured in June 2024

Road accidents continue to be a major concern in Bangladesh, with the latest report from the Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity (BJKS) revealing some alarming statistics. In the month of June alone, 801 people lost their lives and 3,267 others were injured in road accidents across the country. These numbers are truly staggering and highlight the urgent need for improved road safety measures.

The report, compiled based on newspaper reports and hospital records, also sheds light on accidents in other modes of transportation. Railway accidents claimed the lives of 42 people and injured nine others, while waterway accidents resulted in 12 deaths, seven injuries, and nine people going missing. In total, 855 people lost their lives and 3,283 were injured in a total of 612 accidents on roads, railways, and waterways.

Motorcycle accidents were particularly prevalent, with 222 people losing their lives and 1,093 others being injured in 217 accidents. This highlights the need for stricter enforcement of traffic laws and regulations, especially for motorcyclists.

The report also highlighted regional disparities in road accident statistics, with the highest number of accidents occurring in Dhaka division. This underscores the need for targeted interventions in high-risk areas to prevent further loss of life.

The BJKS report serves as a wake-up call for authorities and policymakers to take immediate action to improve road safety in Bangladesh. It is essential to invest in infrastructure improvements, implement stricter enforcement of traffic laws, and raise awareness about safe driving practices.

As responsible citizens, we must also do our part by following traffic rules, wearing seat belts, helmets, and other safety gear, and avoiding reckless driving behaviors. Together, we can work towards reducing the number of road accidents and saving lives on Bangladesh’s roads.

Let’s make road safety a top priority and strive towards a future where every journey is a safe one.

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