Friday, July 19, 2024

British Land and AustralianSuper collaborate with King’s College London to drive science and technology innovation at Canada Water

Partners Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Establish Science and Technology Innovation Campus at Canada Water

The future of science and technology innovation in London just got a major boost with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between joint venture partners British Land and AustralianSuper, and King’s College London. This exciting partnership aims to establish a dedicated science and technology innovation campus at Canada Water, a 53-acre transformation project that is set to be the most significant of its kind in the UK’s capital in a generation.

The MoU, signed on 8th July 2024, sets the stage for collaboration between the partners and King’s, supporting growth and education in the science and technology innovation industries within the local community and East London. This partnership will provide King’s and their spinouts with access to high-quality work and lab space at Canada Water, creating a pipeline of space to support the growth of London’s science and technology ecosystem.

The official signing of the MoU took place at an event on 3rd July, with key representatives from British Land, AustralianSuper, and King’s College London coming together to cement their commitment to this long-term and innovative partnership. Over the next five years, the MoU will deliver a range of services and collaboration opportunities, including educational talks, networking sessions, technical services for office occupiers, and the sharing of research and analysis on sector trends.

This partnership underscores the dedication of British Land and AustralianSuper to supporting science and technology innovation within the community, as well as their commitment to creating a dynamic environment where innovation can flourish. By working closely with King’s College London, the partners aim to accelerate the establishment of a dedicated hub for creativity and innovation at Canada Water, generating exciting growth opportunities within the science, innovation, and technology sectors.

The Canada Water masterplan is already home to the Paper Yard, a modular workspace that has welcomed pioneering companies in the science and technology sectors. This is just the beginning of Canada Water’s vision for science and technology innovation across the campus, with Phase 1 expected to complete in Q3 2024.

This MoU is a testament to the power of collaboration between developers, universities, and investors in unlocking London’s potential in the science and technology sector. By creating dedicated spaces for innovation and establishing strategic partnerships, British Land, AustralianSuper, and King’s College London are paving the way for a future where science and technology thrive in the heart of London.

For more information about this exciting partnership and the Canada Water masterplan, visit the websites of British Land, AustralianSuper, and King’s College London. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this transformative project and the impact it will have on the science and technology innovation landscape in London.

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