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Chris Jericho reveals details about his and John Cena’s retirement plans. | WWE News

Chris Jericho discusses John Cena’s retirement and his own future on ‘Mcguire on Wrestling’ podcast

As the wrestling world continues to buzz with the news of John Cena’s upcoming retirement, current FTW champion in AEW, Chris Jericho, recently shared his thoughts on Cena’s decision and his own retirement plans on the ‘Mcguire on Wrestling’ podcast.

Cena, a 16-time World Champion, announced that Wrestlemania 41 in 2025 will mark the end of his wrestling career. Jericho, who has had some epic matches against Cena in the past, praised the champ for his love for wrestling and connection with the fans. Despite the fans chanting ‘please retire’ at him, Jericho seems unfazed and is focused on enjoying his time in the ring.

When asked about his own retirement plans, Jericho expressed his love for what he’s doing in AEW and his desire to continue contributing at a high level. With a storied career that includes multiple World Championship reigns in WWE and a successful run in NJPW, Jericho is in no rush to hang up his boots just yet.

As the first AEW World Champion, Jericho has played a pivotal role in the success of the promotion and is excited about the future of AEW. With his ability to still have the best match on any given night, Jericho is content to keep going as long as he’s having fun and feeling good in the ring.

With Cena and Jericho both legends in the wrestling world, fans can only hope for more memorable moments from these two icons before they eventually ride off into the sunset. Until then, we can continue to enjoy their contributions to the world of professional wrestling.

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