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Deanestor achieves record order intake and £3 million turnover growth

Deanestor Reports £3 Million Increase in Turnover to £22.4 Million

Deanestor, a Dunfermline-based furniture and fitout specialist, has had an impressive year with a £3 million increase in turnover to £22.4 million for the year ending December 2023. The company has also reported a record order intake of over £30 million, with forward orders increasing by more than £3 million compared to the previous year.

Projects have been delivered and awarded across various sectors including healthcare, education, student living, and build-to-rent. Deanestor has seen a high level of repeat business from tier one contractors and major residential property developers, showcasing their reputation for quality and reliability.

In Scotland, Deanestor has been particularly successful in the education sector. They are currently working on their 13th furniture and fitout contract for Robertson Construction, a £3.8 million contract for the new East End Community Campus in Dundee.

Ramsay McDonald, managing director of Deanestor in Scotland, attributes the company’s success to their dedicated teams across the UK who work tirelessly to deliver projects to the highest standards within budget and on schedule. He anticipates a further increase in turnover to £24 million by the end of 2024.

One of Deanestor’s notable projects is a £5 million contract with BAM to fit out two new high schools on the Dunfermline Learning Campus. In the build-to-rent sector, the company has recently completed a contract for Robertson Construction to manufacture and install contemporary kitchens and wardrobe sets for a new development in Glasgow.

Deanestor has also secured hospital fitout contracts, including a project worth over £1 million for Integrated Health Projects to fit out adult mental health facilities. The company’s diverse portfolio and commitment to quality have positioned them as a leader in the furniture and fitout industry.

Overall, Deanestor’s impressive financial performance and strong project pipeline reflect their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality and longevity, the company continues to deliver exceptional results across a range of sectors, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

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