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End the chaos of bus fare collection on Banskhali road

Concerns about Traffic Congestion and Fare Anarchy in Banskhali: A Call for Action

Letters to the Editor have long been a powerful tool for individuals to voice their concerns, opinions, and suggestions on various issues affecting their communities. In the case of Banskhali’s main road, the letter above highlights the daily struggles faced by common passengers due to heavy traffic, fare anarchy, and exploitation by bus operators.

The writer, Touhid-Ul Bari, eloquently describes the chaotic situation on the road, particularly on Thursdays when fares are arbitrarily raised by some drivers taking advantage of increased passenger traffic. This unfair system not only leads to financial exploitation but also creates a sense of helplessness among passengers who have no choice but to pay the inflated fares.

The letter also sheds light on the lack of action from public representatives and administrative bodies in addressing these issues. Despite complaints from passengers, the owners’ association seems untouchable, and the situation only worsens during Eid when passengers are desperate to reach their destinations.

The writer’s call for an end to fare anarchy, passenger harassment, and traffic congestion resonates with many common passengers who are tired of being at the mercy of bus operators and the syndicate controlling the road. The demand for fair fare lists and the installation of traffic police to alleviate congestion is a reasonable and necessary step towards improving the situation on Banskhali’s main road.

Letters to the Editor serve as a platform for individuals like Touhid-Ul Bari to raise awareness about pressing issues in their communities and advocate for change. By sharing their experiences and suggestions, they can spark conversations, mobilize support, and ultimately bring about positive outcomes for the common good.

In conclusion, the letter above is a powerful reminder of the importance of speaking up and taking action to address issues that affect our daily lives. It is a call to action for all stakeholders to work together towards creating a safer, fairer, and more efficient transportation system for the people of Banskhali. Let us all heed this call and strive for a better future for our communities.

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