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Great Falls firefighter’s family’s mortgage fully paid off

Community Honors Captain David Lambers with Memorial Service at ExpoPark

The community of Great Falls recently came together to honor the life and legacy of Captain David Thomas Lambers, a beloved husband, father, and first responder who tragically lost his battle with lung cancer at the young age of 36. Known for his humor and love for his family, Lambers left behind his wife April and their two children, Noah and Natalie.

Captain Lambers had a distinguished career in the military, serving in the US Army and Montana Air National Guard Airport Fire Department before joining the US Air Force. His dedication to service and his impact on those around him was evident by the hundreds of people who attended his memorial service at Montana ExpoPark in December 2023.

In the midst of their grief, the community rallied around the Lambers family, offering support and assistance in their time of need. Colleagues helped April connect with the Tunnel To Towers Foundation, which generously paid off the mortgage on the family’s home through their Fallen First Responder Home Program. This act of kindness provided stability and security for April and her children as they navigate life without their beloved husband and father.

As April and her children continue to grieve the loss of David, they are comforted by the outpouring of love and support from their community. The memories and stories shared by friends and coworkers ensure that David’s legacy will live on, and his impact will never be forgotten.

In times of tragedy, it is the strength and compassion of those around us that help us find the courage to carry on. The Lambers family is a testament to the power of community and the enduring spirit of love and remembrance. Captain David Thomas Lambers may be gone, but his memory will forever be cherished by those who knew and loved him.

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