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Julian Alvarez Discusses Lionel Messi’s Retirement Plans With Argentina National Team: “He Will Decide When…”

The Future of Lionel Messi: Will He Continue Playing for Argentina National Team?

As the soccer world braces for the eventual retirement of the legendary Lionel Messi, fans are left wondering how much longer they will get to witness his greatness on the pitch. At almost 37 years old, Messi’s time as a player is inevitably coming to an end, but the question remains: when will he hang up his boots for good?

Currently enjoying his time in the MLS with Inter Miami, Messi’s future with the Argentina national team is also up in the air. His young teammate Julian Alvarez holds onto hope that Messi will continue to grace the pitch for a while longer, but even he is unsure of the timeline regarding Messi’s retirement.

Despite rumors of retirement after the 2022 World Cup, Messi’s inclusion in the upcoming Copa America suggests that he may still have some international games left in him. However, as his compatriot Angel Di Maria has announced that this will be his final international journey with La Albiceleste, the end may be near for Messi as well.

In a recent interview, Messi himself discussed his retirement plans, stating that he will step away from the game without thinking about age when he feels it is time. His self-critical nature and commitment to quality suggest that he will not hesitate to retire if he feels his performance is declining.

While fans may be anxious about Messi’s eventual retirement, it’s important to focus on enjoying his play while he is still on the pitch. As long as Messi continues to feel good and enjoy the game, fans can look forward to seeing him compete for many more years to come.

So, savor every moment of Messi’s brilliance while you still can, because the day will eventually come when the iconic captain hangs up his boots for good. But until then, let’s continue to marvel at the greatness of one of the greatest players to ever grace the beautiful game.

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