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Kano Business Community Praises Optiva Capital for International Investment

Optiva Capital Partners Receives Commendation for Innovative Investment Solutions in Kano State

Are you looking to expand your investment portfolio and explore global opportunities? Look no further than Optiva Capital Partners, a premier wealth management company that is making waves in Kano State with its innovative products and services in investment immigration and international real estate.

At an exclusive business dinner organized by Optiva Capital, guests, including popular Nollywood actor Sani Danja, expressed their delight at the opportunities presented by the firm. Mr Danja praised Optiva Capital for bringing such prospects to Kano State and commended the company for its trusted track record in service delivery.

Prominent businessman Mr Rufai Usman also showered encomium on the organization for its insightful presentation, while participant Mr Dauda Yahaya appreciated the company’s dedication to empowering Kano’s business community with global investment opportunities.

During the event, the Group Head of Corporate Communications, Media, and Technology, Mr Nduneche Ezurike, highlighted Optiva’s international network and global reach, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing opportunities in real estate, investment immigration, and insurance. Ms Jane Kimemia, the chief executive of Optiva Capital Partners, stressed the importance of working with trusted experts like Optiva Capital to make informed investment decisions and avoid financial decline due to misinformation.

Ms Sylvia Onyalu, the Regional Head of Northern Operations, also made a product presentation, revealing the benefits of acquiring a second passport through Optiva Capital. She explained that a second passport provides access to over 140 countries and various benefits, including world-class education, quality healthcare, global mobility, and improved quality of life for individuals and their families.

On international real estate opportunities, Ms Onyalu highlighted Optiva Capital’s expertise in identifying the best investment opportunities, including luxury residences, commercial properties, and vacation homes. The company excels in placing clients’ investments in markets with high appreciation potential, solid rental returns, and effective inflation hedging to augment wealth and secure assets for future generations.

Optiva Capital Partners is Africa’s largest provider of investment immigration and residency services, offering specialist solutions in Investment Advisor, International Real Estate, and Insurance Services. The company is currently partnering with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigeria in Diaspora Commission (NIDCom) to provide structured business opportunities and connect Nigerians in the diaspora to global opportunities tailored to their families’ needs.

With Optiva Capital Partners, you can trust in their expertise, global network, and commitment to empowering individuals and businesses with strategic investment opportunities. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore global markets and secure your financial future with Optiva Capital. Contact them today to learn more about their innovative products and services.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The content is based on general research and may not be accurate, reliable, or up-to-date. Before making any financial decisions, it is recommended to consult with a professional financial advisor or conduct thorough research to verify the accuracy of the information presented. The author and publisher disclaim any liability for any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of relying on the information provided in this article. Readers are encouraged to independently verify the facts and information before making any financial decisions.

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