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Kevin De Bruyne, with tears in his eyes, decides to continue playing after Belgium’s defeat to France in UEFA Euro.

Kevin De Bruyne Contemplates Retirement After Belgium’s Euro Exit

The Euro 2024 tournament has been a rollercoaster ride for Belgium and their star player, Kevin De Bruyne. After a heartbreaking own-goal from Jan Vertonghen led to their elimination at the hands of France in the Round of 16, De Bruyne hinted at the possibility of retirement. The Manchester City midfielder expressed the need to rest his body after a long season and stated that he would make a decision about his future after the summer.

Belgium’s campaign at the Euros was far from impressive, with only one victory in the group stage and a disappointing exit in the knockout round. De Bruyne, who has been a key figure for the national team, has faced criticism from fans and pundits alike. His comments before the 2022 World Cup about Belgium’s chances and the departure of former stars like Vincent Kompany and Eden Hazard have only added fuel to the fire.

The recent disappointment at the Euros, coupled with the strained relationship with Belgium supporters, may push De Bruyne towards retirement from international football. The pressure and expectations on him as one of the last remaining members of Belgium’s ‘golden generation’ have taken a toll, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he decides to step away from the national team.

As De Bruyne contemplates his future, it’s clear that the decision won’t be an easy one. The talented midfielder has given his all for Belgium over the years, but the time may have come for him to focus on his club career and leave the international stage behind. Only time will tell what lies ahead for Kevin De Bruyne and his future with the Red Devils.

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