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Lionel Messi puts retirement on hold as Argentina aims for another Copa America victory

Lionel Messi commits to continuing with Argentina beyond Copa America 2024 final; Di Maria set to retire

Lionel Messi, the Argentine maestro, has once again captured the hearts of football fans worldwide with his commitment to continue playing for the senior national team beyond the final of the Copa America 2024. In a recent statement, Messi expressed his intention to keep living day by day without worrying about the future, emphasizing that only God knows when the end will be for him.

This announcement comes after Messi’s stellar performance in the recent game against Canada, where he scored his 109th international goal and the first of the current edition of the tournament. The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner has been a key player for Argentina, helping the team win the 2021 Copa America and 2022 World Cup.

While Messi is set to continue his international career, his teammate Ángel Di María has announced his retirement after Sunday’s game against Uruguay or Colombia. Di María, who made his international debut in 2008, has been a crucial part of the Argentine team, winning multiple trophies alongside Messi.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has expressed hope that Di María may reconsider his decision to retire, highlighting the player’s contributions to the team. Scaloni emphasized that the door will always be open for Di María to return, whether as a player or in another capacity.

As South American World Cup qualifying resumes in September, fans can look forward to seeing Messi continue to dazzle on the field in the upcoming matches. With the 2026 World Cup final set to take place at MetLife Stadium, there is no doubt that Messi’s presence will be felt on the international stage for years to come.

In conclusion, Messi’s commitment to continue playing for Argentina is a testament to his passion for the game and his dedication to representing his country. As fans eagerly await his future performances, one thing is certain – Messi’s legacy as one of the greatest footballers of all time will continue to grow with each game he plays.

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