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OSRTC’s LAccMI project empowers more than 2,000 women in Odisha, promoting financial independence, reports ET Auto

OSRTC’s LAccMI Project Empowers 2,000+ Odisha Women, Fosters Economic Independence

Blog Post Title: OSRTC’s LAccMI Project Empowers 2,000+ Odisha Women, Fosters Economic Independence

In a heartwarming tale of empowerment and transformation, Geetanjali Jena, a mother of three from Odisha, found a ray of hope through the Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LAccMI) scheme by the Odisha State Road Transport Corporation (OSRTC). Struggling to make ends meet, Geetanjali’s life took a positive turn when she seized the opportunity presented by the LAccMI scheme. Today, she is not only financially independent but also a source of inspiration for her community in Malkangiri, Odisha.

Empowering Women Through LAccMI:
The LAccMI project, in collaboration with Mission Shakti SHG, has been instrumental in empowering over 2,000 women in Odisha. By providing job opportunities and training programs, the initiative has created income-generating avenues for women in rural areas, fostering economic independence and self-reliance. Geetanjali’s success story is just one of the many examples of how the LAccMI project is transforming lives and communities in Odisha.

Addressing Gender Disparity in the Transport Sector:
The transport sector has long been plagued by gender disparity, with a significant gap in workforce composition and decision-making roles. The LAccMI project aims to bridge this gap by increasing female participation in the transport sector. According to the International Labour Organization, only 16.8% of the global workforce in transport comprises women, highlighting the need for initiatives like LAccMI to promote gender equality and inclusivity.

Future Prospects and Impact:
With a projected income generation of INR 4,500 crore in the next five years, the LAccMI project is set to create employment opportunities for over 37,000 people directly and indirectly. The initiative not only focuses on improving transportation infrastructure but also on empowering communities, especially women, to take charge of their lives and futures. Through initiatives like LAccMI, the transport sector is witnessing a revolution in inclusivity, diversity, and innovation.

The success of Geetanjali Jena and the impact of the LAccMI project serve as a testament to the transformative power of empowering women in the transport sector. As more women like Geetanjali find financial independence and empowerment through initiatives like LAccMI, the future of the transport sector looks brighter and more inclusive. The journey towards gender equality and economic independence is ongoing, and initiatives like LAccMI are paving the way for a more equitable and empowered society.

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