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Proposal to liquidate Destination Marlborough with $200,000 in debt

Commissioners recommend disestablishing Destination Marlborough Trust

The recent developments at Destination Marlborough have certainly caused a stir in the tourism industry in the region. With the entire board resigning over an employment dispute and the recommendation to disestablish the regional tourism agency, there are many questions about the future of tourism promotion in Marlborough.

The decision to enter the Destination Marlborough Trust into voluntary liquidation and have the Marlborough District Council absorb all assets, staff, and financial shortfall is a bold move. The forecast deficit of $200,000 has certainly added to the urgency of finding a solution to the situation.

The appointment of commissioners to oversee the transition and the recommendation to establish an internal loan to be repaid by a targeted tourism rate show that there is a commitment to finding a sustainable solution for the future of Destination Marlborough. The involvement of key stakeholders, such as the council, former trustees, and industry experts, is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition and a successful outcome.

The Investment Logic Mapping process will play a key role in determining the future pathway for Destination Marlborough. It is important to consider all options and make informed decisions that will benefit the industry and the community as a whole.

While there may be uncertainties about the future of regional tourism promotion in Marlborough, it is clear that all parties involved are working towards the best outcome for Destination Marlborough and the industry it supports. The commitment to finding the right vehicle to deliver the services that Destination Marlborough provides is a positive step towards ensuring the long-term success of tourism in the region.

As the council prepares to vote on the recommendations, it will be interesting to see how the future of Destination Marlborough unfolds. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as we navigate through this period of transition and change in the regional tourism landscape.

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