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Randy Adams of the Northwest Baptist Convention announces plans for retirement

Northwest Baptist Convention Executive Director-Treasurer Randy Adams Announces Retirement Plan

Are you a member of the Northwest Baptist Convention? If so, you may have heard the news that Randy Adams, the executive director-treasurer since 2013, has announced his plans to begin an executive transition plan to find his successor and move towards retirement in the next year. This news has sparked discussions and anticipation within the convention as they prepare for this significant leadership change.

Adams, in his statement to the board, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead the convention and work alongside its members. He emphasized his commitment to serving until a successor is in place and then supporting the new executive director in their role. With a projected timeline for a new executive director to be in place by next spring, the convention is gearing up for a period of transition and change.

The process of finding a new executive director will involve the formation of a search committee, which will be recommended by NWBC officers in the coming weeks. This committee will be tasked with identifying potential candidates and recommending them to the full board for approval. Ultimately, the candidate will be presented to NWBC messengers for election, either during the annual meeting or at a special called meeting.

Adams brings a wealth of experience to his role, having previously served in leadership positions at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and as a pastor in Texas and Oklahoma. His involvement in Baptist ministries dates back to his time as a student, where he was first asked to serve as the Baptist Student Union director.

As the Northwest Baptist Convention prepares for this leadership transition, members are reflecting on Adams’ contributions and looking ahead to the future with anticipation. The convention is grateful for his service and looks forward to the next chapter in its leadership journey.

Stay tuned for updates on the executive director search process and the future direction of the Northwest Baptist Convention. Exciting times are ahead as the convention prepares for a new chapter in its history.

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