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Randy Orton Shares His Future Plans for Retirement from WWE

Randy Orton Reveals What Would Have Happened If He Had to Retire from WWE

Are you a fan of WWE superstar Randy Orton? Have you ever wondered what would happen if he had to retire from in-ring action? Well, Orton himself recently revealed his plans for the future in an interview with Sportskeeda.

After being out of the ring for 18 months due to injury issues, doctors initially told Orton that he should retire. However, Orton decided to make a comeback at Survivor Series last November. In the interview, Orton shared that if he had been forced into retirement, he would have stayed involved with WWE in some capacity.

Orton expressed his loyalty to WWE, mentioning that he may be the only wrestler to have only ever wrestled for one company throughout his entire career. He stated that he sees himself as part of the WWE family for the long haul. If he couldn’t continue wrestling, Orton mentioned that he would have considered becoming a coach, trainer, or on-the-road producer.

With retirement potentially on the horizon in the next six years, Orton hinted at the possibility of retiring at the age of 50. Despite his recent loss in the King of the Ring tournament final, Orton’s future in WWE seems secure, with a possible rematch on the horizon.

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So, whether you’re a fan of Randy Orton or aspiring to be a part of the wrestling world, the future looks bright for both Orton and those looking to make their mark in WWE. Stay tuned for more updates on Orton’s career and the exciting opportunities in the world of professional wrestling.

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