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Rebuilding Trust: George’s Efforts at AMP

AMP CEO Alexis George on Rebuilding Trust and Restoring Brand Value

In the world of finance and business, rebuilding trust and restoring a brand’s reputation can be a daunting task. However, AMP chief executive, Alexis George, has proven that it is possible with determination, consistency, and a clear vision.

When George first joined AMP in 2021, she faced a company in turmoil, with trust lost among consumers and employees alike. The aftermath of the Hayne royal commission had taken its toll, and there were questions about whether the AMP name should be changed. However, George saw the value in the brand’s 175-year history and decided to retain it, believing that restoring trust in the brand was crucial for the company’s future success.

Over the past few years, George has focused on consistency in delivering on promises to stakeholders, whether they be customers, employees, or shareholders. This commitment to reliability has helped AMP regain the trust of its advisers, with numbers stabilizing and satisfaction levels on the rise.

Three years into her tenure, George believes that much of the negativity surrounding AMP has lessened, and the focus now is on growing the business and delivering specialized retirement services. While acquisitions are not currently on the agenda, George is preparing the company for potential consolidation in the future by strengthening the balance sheet and ensuring stability.

Through her leadership and strategic vision, Alexis George has shown that rebuilding trust and restoring a brand’s reputation is possible, even in the face of significant challenges. With a focus on consistency, reliability, and putting the customer at the center of everything they do, AMP is on track to regain its position as a trusted and respected financial services provider.

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