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Redwood Bank Welcomes New Business Development Manager as Part of Scottish Expansion

Redwood Bank Appoints Chris Pallis as Business Development Manager in Scotland

Redwood Bank has made an exciting new addition to their team with the appointment of Chris Pallis as their new business development manager in Scotland. With 17 years of experience in finance, including roles at top firms like Lloyds, Santander, and Barclays, Pallis brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong network of contacts to his new role.

One of the key reasons Pallis was drawn to Redwood Bank was their unique lending model, which he believes is a perfect fit for the Scottish market. Unlike traditional banks that rely on algorithms to make lending decisions, Redwood takes a more personal approach, with decisions made by colleagues who truly understand the needs of their clients.

Pallis is particularly excited about the opportunity to work with landlords in Scotland, an area where Redwood’s human-centric approach can make a real difference. With a focus on building relationships and finding solutions that work for each individual client, Redwood is able to provide a level of service that sets them apart from other banks.

Gary Wilkinson, CEO and co-founder of Redwood Bank, is thrilled to have Pallis on board and believes his enthusiasm and contacts will be invaluable as the bank continues to expand its operations in Scotland. With a shared commitment to putting people first and building strong relationships, Pallis is a perfect fit for Redwood’s customer-centric model.

Overall, Pallis’s appointment is a positive step for Redwood Bank as they work to strengthen their presence in Scotland and provide even more personalized and effective financial solutions for their clients. With Pallis’s expertise and dedication to building relationships, Redwood is well-positioned for continued success in the Scottish business banking sector.

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