Saturday, June 22, 2024

Southwest Rapid Priority Bonus: Get Almost $1,200 Worth of Flights

Unlock Huge Benefits with the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card

Are you a frequent traveler looking to maximize your rewards and benefits? Look no further than the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card. Southwest Airlines is known for its customer-friendly policies and generous welcome bonuses, and this card is no exception.

With a current welcome bonus offer of 85,000 points after meeting minimum spending requirements, this card is a valuable asset for anyone who loves to travel. Southwest points are typically worth 1.4 cents each towards Southwest flights, making this bonus worth around $1,190. And the best part? Southwest points don’t expire, so you can save them for a special occasion or emergency.

But the benefits of the Southwest Priority card don’t stop there. One of the standout features of this card is its fast track to the Southwest Companion Pass. With an annual 10,000-point boost towards the Companion Pass and at least 3,000 points for completing minimum spending requirements, you’ll be well on your way to earning this coveted travel perk.

In addition to the generous welcome bonus and Companion Pass benefits, the Southwest Priority card offers ongoing perks like anniversary bonus points, annual travel credits, upgraded boardings, and elite status benefits. With these benefits, you can easily recoup the $149 annual fee if you fly Southwest even just a few times a year.

Overall, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card is a valuable tool for maximizing your travel rewards and benefits. Act quickly to take advantage of the current welcome bonus offer before it expires on June 26, 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn valuable points and perks for your next adventure.

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