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Assetz Capital secures £5m refinancing for ibis Styles Hotel in Glasgow

Assetz Capital Completes £5 Million Commercial Mortgage to Refinance ibis Styles Hotel in Glasgow

The ibis Styles hotel in Glasgow has recently received a financial boost with a £5 million commercial mortgage from Assetz Capital. This funding will help refinance the hotel and support its operations in the vibrant city of Glasgow.

David Hehir, the relationship director at Assetz Capital, led the deal and expressed his excitement about supporting the ibis Styles Glasgow Central Hotel. Working closely with Maven Capital Partners, Assetz Capital was able to facilitate the delivery of the £5 million debt package, showcasing their commitment to the hotel sector in Scotland and the wider UK market.

In addition to the ibis Styles hotel deal, Assetz Capital also recently completed a £7 million development finance deal for the construction of luxury properties in Surrey. Andrew Fraser, the chief commercial officer at Assetz Capital, highlighted the company’s expertise in the property sector and their ability to support various projects across the UK.

With decades of property banking experience, Assetz Capital is well-equipped to provide funding for a wide range of projects, from hotel and leisure industry financing to ground-up residential property developments. Their recent announcement of enhanced funding for development finance schemes further demonstrates their dedication to supporting the construction industry.

Since its establishment in 2013, Assetz Capital has provided over £1.7 billion in funding to UK housebuilding and development projects, contributing to the construction of one in every 12 new homes built by SME housebuilders. As they aim to surpass the milestone of £2 billion in funding over the next three years, Assetz Capital continues to play a crucial role in supporting property investment and development across the UK.

Overall, the recent financial support provided by Assetz Capital to the ibis Styles hotel in Glasgow is a testament to their commitment to the property sector and their ability to facilitate successful deals that benefit both businesses and communities. With their expertise and dedication, Assetz Capital is poised to continue making a significant impact in the UK property market.

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