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Gneiss Energy, an energy finance firm, expands into the metals and mining sector

Gneiss Energy Expands Services to Include Metals and Mining Under Leadership of Jon Fitzpatrick and Ariel Tepperman

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy finance, Gneiss Energy is making waves with its recent expansion into metals and mining. This move comes at a crucial time as the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, with a focus on critical minerals and their role in the energy transition.

Founded in 2016 by industry expert Jon Fitzpatrick, Gneiss Energy has established itself as a leading advisory firm in the energy sector, providing strategic finance advice to investors worldwide. With a team of over 20 advisers and consultants in Edinburgh and London, the firm has now set its sights on the metals and mining industry.

Jon Fitzpatrick, the managing director of Gneiss Energy, recognizes the growing importance of metals and mining in the energy transition. He notes that critical minerals are essential for electrification efforts and that mining firms are increasingly looking to decarbonize their operations. This shift has caught the attention of investors, with funds now expanding their interests beyond traditional energy and renewables to include metals processing and extraction.

To spearhead this new venture, Gneiss Energy has brought on board Ariel Tepperman, a seasoned metals and mining specialist with over two decades of experience. As the head of metals and mining, Tepperman will provide clients with comprehensive advice on capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic advisory services in the metals and mining sector.

Ariel Tepperman emphasizes the rapid evolution of interest in the metals and mining industry, with investors of all kinds taking note of the global shift towards sustainable practices. He believes that there is a growing convergence of capital in this space, and Gneiss Energy is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend with its established platform.

Overall, Gneiss Energy’s expansion into metals and mining reflects the changing landscape of energy finance and the increasing importance of critical minerals in the energy transition. With Jon Fitzpatrick and Ariel Tepperman at the helm, the firm is poised to provide clients with expert advice and guidance in this rapidly evolving sector.

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