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BR begins capacity upgrade in response to surge in traffic

Bangladesh Railway Takes New Steps to Improve Operational Capacity

The Bangladesh Railway (BR) is on a mission to improve its operational capacity and address the challenges posed by the increasing number of passengers and cargo volumes. Over the past decade, BR has seen significant growth in its passenger and tonne-kilometre ratios, but operational costs have also been on the rise.

In an effort to enhance its operational and management levels, BR has initiated a technical project titled ‘Operational Efficiency Improvement of BR’. This project aims to make railway transportation safe, affordable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. With the implementation of 89 projects and the establishment of new rail lines, BR is working towards achieving its objectives.

Despite facing challenges such as rising fuel prices and insufficient resources, BR is determined to meet the increasing demand for passenger and container transport. The technical project will focus on capacity building in various areas, including train operations, project implementation, and maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock.

With the support of the Asian Development Bank and the government, BR is set to receive funding for the project. This initiative will not only help BR recover operational costs but also promote economic sustainability in the long run.

As the Bangladesh Railway continues to strive for excellence in its operations, it is clear that institutional development is key to overcoming challenges and ensuring a smooth and efficient railway system for the future. Stay tuned for more updates on BR’s journey towards operational efficiency and success.

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