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BTMA calls for continuous gas supply to textile mills

BTMA Urges Government for Uninterrupted Gas Supply to Industrial Zones

Are you a fan of the fashion industry? Do you love keeping up with the latest trends and styles? If so, you’ll be interested to hear about the recent plea from the Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) to the government regarding the gas supply to industrial zones across the country.

In a recent letter to the Bangladesh Oil Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla) Chairman, the BTMA president highlighted the severe gas and electricity crisis that member factories have been facing for the past three years. This crisis has led to disruptions in production, with many factories only able to operate at 50% of their capacity due to the lack of gas supply.

The BTMA president expressed concerns about the impact of this crisis on the industry, noting that textile mills are struggling to meet export work orders and are losing competitiveness due to rising production costs. He also warned of potential issues with timely wage and festival allowance payments before Eid-ul-Azha, which could worsen the law and order situation.

Despite repeated requests for uninterrupted gas supply, the situation has not improved, leading to uncertainty about how long factories will be able to continue operating. The BTMA is urging the government to take immediate action to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to the mills.

If you’re passionate about the fashion industry and want to see it thrive, this is an issue that you should be paying attention to. Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation and the impact it could have on the textile industry in Bangladesh.

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