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Cromwell increases investment in Australia by selling European platform

Cromwell Property Group Sells European Funds Management Platform to Swiss Real Estate Investment Firm

Cromwell Property Group, a leading real estate fund manager, has recently made a significant announcement that has caught the attention of the industry. The company has finalized the sale of its European funds management platform to Stoneweg SA Group, a Swiss real estate investment firm, for a whopping €280 million ($457 million).

This strategic move, as outlined in the ASX announcement on 23 May, marks a pivotal moment for Cromwell as it shifts its focus towards a capital-light funds management model. By divesting its European division, the company aims to streamline its operations and concentrate on its core portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, valued at $2.4 billion.

Dr Gary Weiss, the chair of Cromwell, described this development as a “turning point” for the firm, emphasizing the importance of driving value in its local asset and funds management business. The sale of non-core assets and investment positions totaling $1.6 billion since December 2021 has been instrumental in stabilizing the business and paving the way for future growth opportunities.

Jonathan Callaghan, the chief executive of Cromwell, highlighted the complexities involved in executing such a transaction across multiple countries and jurisdictions. He expressed gratitude towards the team members who played a crucial role in this process, acknowledging their dedication and hard work.

Looking ahead, Cromwell is committed to working closely with Stoneweg to ensure a smooth transition of business operations. This includes a comprehensive separation of staff, platforms, and systems in Europe and Singapore, with the aim of completing the process by FY25.

Overall, the sale of Cromwell’s European funds management platform signifies a strategic shift towards a more focused and value-accretive business model. With a renewed emphasis on its core markets and assets, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on future opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the real estate sector.

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