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Governance reformer emphasizes the importance of upcoming budget in promoting growth, tackling national debt, and fostering development, according to Eye Witness News

Budget Priorities for Future Growth and National Debt Addressed by Governance Reformer

The upcoming budget in the Bahamas is a hot topic of discussion, with governance reformer Hubert Edwards emphasizing the importance of paving the path for future growth and addressing the national debt. In a recent statement, Edwards highlighted the need for the budget to focus on infrastructure deficits, fiscal reporting transparency, and fundamental reforms in state-owned enterprises and the civil service.

One of the key issues that Edwards pointed out is the $2 billion infrastructure deficit in the country, with Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) playing a significant role in this. He stressed the importance of increasing capital spending to $600 million annually to address this deficit and support future growth. With the current debt stock standing at $12 billion, it is crucial for the budget to outline a clear plan for managing the debt while promoting economic development.

In addition to infrastructure deficits, Edwards also called for reforms in state-owned enterprises and the civil service to improve efficiency and corporate governance. He highlighted the need for clarity on tax reforms and increased taxes, emphasizing the importance of sustainable revenue streams to support funding needs and address the infrastructure deficit.

Energy solutions, particularly in relation to BPL, were also highlighted as a critical area for reform. Edwards noted that without clear solutions in the energy sector, the country may face challenges in the future. He also emphasized the need for the budget to outline strategies for improving credit ratings and facilitating future growth.

Overall, Edwards stressed the importance of the upcoming budget in setting the stage for future growth and development in the Bahamas. With a focus on addressing infrastructure deficits, improving fiscal transparency, and implementing fundamental reforms, the budget has the potential to pave the path for a more sustainable and prosperous future for the country.

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