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Euro 2024 drives increase in tech and food spending in Scotland, says KPMG

Scottish Football Fans’ Plans for Euro 2024 Revealed: KPMG Research

With Euro 2024 just around the corner, Scottish football fans are gearing up to support their team in style. According to new research from KPMG, it seems that fans are planning to make the most of the tournament by getting into the football spirit in various ways.

The survey, which polled 3,000 UK consumers, including 297 in Scotland, revealed some interesting insights into how Scottish fans plan to enjoy the games. While 15% of those surveyed in Scotland plan on heading to the pub to watch the matches, a whopping 30% will be watching from the comfort of their own homes, either alone or with family. Additionally, 9% of fans in Scotland are planning to make an occasion of the matches by eating out with friends and family.

It seems that the excitement of the tournament has also sparked some spending habits among Scottish fans. While 16% of respondents said they would be buying more snacks to enjoy during the games, others are planning to invest in new tech to enhance their viewing experience. From new televisions to mobile phones and tablets, it looks like fans are ready to upgrade their tech game for the tournament.

Linda Ellett, UK head of consumer, retail, and leisure for KPMG, commented on the findings, noting that major sporting events often bring about a national feel-good factor and an economic boost. With the cost of living crisis and minimal sales growth in recent months, the retail and hospitality sector will likely welcome the increased spending during the tournament.

Overall, it seems that Scottish football fans are gearing up for an action-packed summer of sport. Whether they’re watching from the pub, at home, or out with friends, it’s clear that the excitement of Euro 2024 is set to bring fans together in celebration of their team. So, grab your snacks, set up your new TV, and get ready to cheer on Scotland in style!

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