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Leadership Transition at Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Osceola County: Maintaining a Legacy of Service

As the Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Osceola County undergoes a leadership transition, it’s important to reflect on the long-standing history and commitment to service that has been a cornerstone of the organization. Manager and secretary Scott Gaarder, a key figure in the business for over four decades, is gradually adjusting to retirement, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and expertise.

The roots of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Association date back to 1889, when early Osceola County settlers came together to protect their hard-earned property. Over the years, the organization has grown and evolved, always with a focus on meeting the specific needs of farmers and property owners in the area.

The Gaarder family has played a significant role in the history of the organization, with Hoyt Gaarder taking on leadership roles in both the insurance agency and the Farmers Mutual side of the business. Scott Gaarder followed in his father’s footsteps, continuing the tradition of providing quality insurance services to the community.

As the industry has changed and evolved, so too has the Farmers Mutual Insurance Association. With a focus on offering updated policies with broader coverage at competitive rates, the organization continues to serve over 1,600 policyholders in Osceola and surrounding counties.

As Scott Gaarder transitions into retirement, the organization is in good hands with Tomas Hansmann stepping into the role of secretary, manager, and treasurer. With a dedicated office staff and a commitment to serving the needs of policyholders, the future looks bright for the Farmers Mutual Insurance Association.

Scott Gaarder’s legacy of community involvement and dedication to his work will not be forgotten. As he looks towards the future, his commitment to supporting his community remains strong. The Farmers Mutual Insurance Association of Osceola County is poised to continue its tradition of excellence and service, thanks to the leadership and vision of individuals like Scott Gaarder.

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