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Scottish partners at Pinsent Masons named global sector heads

Pinsent Masons Appoints Julia Maguire and John Maciver as Global Sector Heads

In a recent announcement, Pinsent Masons has appointed two Edinburgh-based partners, Julia Maguire and John Maciver, as global sector heads. This is a significant move for the firm, showcasing their commitment to excellence and expertise in the energy and financial services sectors.

Julia Maguire, who previously led client relationships in the energy sector, will now take on the role of global sector head for energy. With a specialization in transactional construction and a focus on energy projects both in the UK and overseas, Maguire brings a wealth of experience to her new position. She has been instrumental in advising clients on procurement and contracting strategy implementation, leading multi-disciplinary teams on major energy infrastructure projects globally.

On the other hand, John Maciver, who was the head of banking for Scotland and Northern Ireland, has been appointed as the global sector head for financial services. With a background in transactional finance law, Maciver has worked on high-profile mandates, including financing deals for major acquisitions and joint credit facilities for infrastructure projects. His expertise in banking and finance will be invaluable in his new role.

Katharine Hardie, chair of Pinsent Masons in Scotland, expressed her confidence in the appointments of Maguire and Maciver to these leadership roles. She highlighted their deep sector knowledge and understanding of the markets they operate in, emphasizing the significant contributions they have made to the firm over the years.

Overall, the appointments of Julia Maguire and John Maciver as global sector heads at Pinsent Masons underscore the firm’s dedication to providing top-tier legal expertise in the energy and financial services sectors. With their leadership, the firm is poised to further enhance its global offering and drive success in these key industries.

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