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Onion prices surge once more, increasing by Tk 30 per kg within a week

Onion Prices Soar in Dhaka Kitchen Markets, Consumers Express Anger

Are you feeling the pinch of rising onion prices in your kitchen? Well, you’re not alone. The prices of local varieties of onion have skyrocketed in the kitchen markets of Dhaka, causing distress among consumers.

According to a report by UNB, the prices of local onions have surged from Tk 90-97 per kg to Tk 110-120 per kg in just a week. Traders are attributing this price hike to a shortage of supply from the main production hubs in Faridpur and Pabna.

The situation has become so dire that consumers are expressing their frustration and disappointment over the sudden spike in prices. Some are even considering cutting back on using onions in their cooking to cope with the escalating costs of essentials in the kitchen markets.

The cost of imported onions is also on the rise, with prices ranging from Tk 97-104 per kg. The General Secretary of Shyambazar Onion Traders’ Association, Mohammad Majed, explained that the cost of imported onions is high due to import taxes, transportation, and other expenses.

With the prices of both local and imported onions soaring, consumers are left wondering how they will manage their household budgets. The recent resumption of onion imports from India after a six-month hiatus has provided some relief, but the overall situation remains challenging.

As we navigate through these tough times, it’s important to stay informed and make smart choices when it comes to grocery shopping. Keep an eye on market trends, explore alternative ingredients, and look for ways to stretch your budget without compromising on nutrition.

Let’s hope for a swift resolution to the onion price crisis and a return to more affordable kitchen staples for all. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story and share your thoughts on how you’re coping with the rising onion prices in the comments below.

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