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Planned in Dhaka 3 months ago, carried out in Kolkata for Tk 50 million

MP Anar Murder: Police Believe Crime was Planned Months Ago

The recent murder of Jhenidah MP Anwarul Azim Anar has shocked the nation and raised many questions about the circumstances surrounding his death. The police believe that the murder was planned months in advance, with meetings held in Dhaka’s upscale areas of Gulshan and Bashundhara.

According to reports, the mastermind behind the murder is Aktaruzzaman, also known as Shaheen, who was a childhood friend of the MP. It is believed that the murder was related to a business dispute between the two friends, with Aktaruzzaman allegedly paying a large sum of money to have Anar killed.

The investigation into the murder has been ongoing, with both Bangladeshi and Indian authorities working together to uncover the truth. Despite the identification of the suspects involved in the killing, MP Anar’s body has not yet been recovered.

The case took a new turn when it was revealed that Anar was last seen entering an apartment in New Town, Kolkata, where he was allegedly murdered. The owner of the apartment, Sandeep Ray, and the individual who rented it, Akhtaruzzaman, are both under investigation. Akhtaruzzaman, who is said to have fled to the US via Nepal, remains at large.

The details of the murder, including the alleged dismemberment of Anar’s body, have shocked the public and raised concerns about the safety of public figures in the country. The involvement of individuals with political connections has also raised questions about the motives behind the murder.

As the investigation continues, the nation waits for answers and justice for MP Anar. The case serves as a reminder of the dangers that public figures face and the importance of ensuring their safety and security. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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