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Young journalists in Dhaka receive $18K grants from US Embassy

United States Embassy Awards Grants to Journalism Projects Following TechCamp in Bangladesh

The United States Embassy in Dhaka recently awarded grants to four projects by journalism students and young journalists who participated in the first-ever TechCamp in Bangladesh. This exciting event took place at the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) headquarters in the capital, where a total of US$ 18,430 was distributed to support these innovative projects.

The TechCamp, titled “Empowering Journalists, Ensuring Truth,” was a three-day initiative that aimed to equip fifty journalism students and young journalists from across the nation with essential skills and knowledge in media literacy, fact-checking methodologies, countering misinformation, cybersecurity, and the application of artificial intelligence in journalism. The participants received training from international experts in these areas, setting the stage for the development of impactful projects.

The four projects that received grants are: “Coastal Voices,” “Empowering Media Students to Identify News Sources and Eliminating Misinformation and Disinformation,” “Media Literacy Beyond the Screen: Bridging Gaps, Building Minds,” and “Voice for Voiceless.” These projects showcase the creativity and dedication of the participants in addressing important issues in the media landscape and promoting truth and accuracy in reporting.

The US Embassy in Dhaka expressed its commitment to empowering young journalists and promoting media literacy in Bangladesh through these grants. Stephen Ibelli, Public Affairs Counselor at the US Embassy, congratulated the winners for their dedication to the TechCamp’s objectives and encouraged them to use their newly acquired skills to make a positive impact in their communities.

Ejaj Ahmad, Founder and President of BYLC, was also present at the grant ceremony, highlighting the importance of initiatives like TechCamp in nurturing the next generation of journalists and media professionals in Bangladesh.

TechCamp was organized in partnership with the Global Youth Leadership Center (GYLC) Inc. and the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (FCA) at the US Department of State, underscoring the collaborative efforts to support and empower young journalists in the country.

Overall, the grant event and the projects that received funding are a testament to the potential and talent of young journalists in Bangladesh. By investing in their skills and initiatives, the US Embassy and its partners are contributing to the growth and development of a vibrant and responsible media ecosystem in the country.

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