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OCU Group acquires Scottish civil engineering firm RJ McLeod

UK Energy and Utility Contractor OCU Group Acquires Scottish Civil Engineering Firm RJ McLeod

The recent acquisition of RJ McLeod (Contractors) Limited by OCU Group is making waves in the energy and utility sector in the UK. This strategic move not only boosts OCU Group’s revenues but also enhances their capabilities in supporting the UK energy transition.

RJ McLeod, with its 70-year history of delivering complex engineering solutions in Scotland, brings a wealth of expertise to OCU Group. The acquisition strengthens OCU’s market positions in key areas such as battery energy storage systems, wind power, hydro power, substation construction, and grid reinforcement. This means that OCU Group is now better equipped to lead the way in the UK’s energy transition delivery.

What’s even more exciting is that RJ McLeod will continue to operate under the same name, with the same staff, locations, and work. This ensures continuity and stability for both companies and their clients.

Over the years, RJ McLeod has focused on renewable energy projects, particularly in onshore wind developments. Their work on projects like the Viking and South Kyle wind farms aligns with the Scottish Government’s target to create 20GW of onshore wind capacity by 2030.

Beyond wind farms, RJ McLeod also has expertise in battery storage, hydro-electric projects, grid and substation construction, and marine sector projects. Their strong market presence and reputation make them a valuable addition to the OCU Group family.

Both Michael Hughes, CEO of OCU Group, and the joint MDs of RJ McLeod, Bruce Clark and Graeme Clark, are optimistic about the future. They see great opportunities for growth and impact within the OCU Group family, and are committed to providing comprehensive services to their clients.

Overall, the acquisition of RJ McLeod by OCU Group marks a significant milestone in the journey towards becoming the leading energy transition and utilities contractor in the UK. With their combined expertise and capabilities, they are well-positioned to drive positive change in the energy sector and deliver top-notch solutions to their clients.

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