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President urges SSF to enhance public image of VVIPs

President Mohammed Shahabuddin Directs SSF to Maintain Good Relations and Coordination for VIP Security

The recent directive from President Mohammed Shahabuddin regarding the maintenance of good relations and close coordination between all partner agencies in creating a security zone for VIPs has sparked a lot of interest and discussion. In a brief speech before the 38th anniversary celebration of the Special Security Force (SSF), the President emphasized the importance of ensuring public relations of VVIPs seriously and maintaining a balance between security and public involvement.

The President’s message to the SSF members to always exert their utmost morale, unquestioning loyalty, and professionalism in meeting the challenges of the ever-changing security situation is a reminder of the critical role they play in ensuring the safety of important persons in Bangladesh. With the political context, conspiracy of anti-independence forces, and international terrorism posing constant threats, the security of VIPs remains a top priority.

It is commendable that the President highlighted the need for SSF members to acquire character strength, improved discipline, honesty, responsibility, and humane qualities in addition to increasing their professional skills through proper training. By ensuring the proper use of state resources and maximizing the use of limited resources, the SSF can continue to move forward on the path of prosperity and earn the trust of all as the ‘ideal security providing force’.

The presence of senior civil and military officials, as well as the wife of President Rebeka Sultana and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Security Adviser Major General (retd) Tarique Ahmed Siddique, at the anniversary celebration underscores the importance of the SSF’s role in ensuring the safety of important persons in the country. The cultural program enjoyed by the President further highlights the camaraderie and unity within the SSF.

Overall, the President’s directive serves as a reminder of the crucial role that the SSF plays in ensuring the safety and security of VIPs in Bangladesh. By maintaining good relations, close communication, and coordination with partner agencies, the SSF can continue to uphold its reputation as a professional and skilled force dedicated to protecting important persons.

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