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Scotland’s public sector receives a record £175.4 million funding boost

Scottish Procurement Alliance Reports Record-Breaking Year Supporting £175.4 Million in Projects

The Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA) has had an incredible year, breaking records and making a significant impact on the Scottish economy. In 2023/24, SPA supported over 270 new projects worth a staggering £175.4 million, working with a diverse range of public sector bodies including ScotRail, Highlands and Islands Airport, and the Gaelic college in Skye.

Lesley Anderson, regional director for SPA, expressed pride in the organization’s achievements despite challenges such as the housing crisis and public sector cuts. SPA has continued to deliver value to its partners, connecting them with the right suppliers to benefit local economies and deliver quality housing and improvement projects across Scotland.

The latest annual report from SPA reveals a 7.1% increase in the number of new projects registered, with a 4% increase in the overall value of projects compared to the previous year. Additionally, 87 public sector partners registered projects, with 37 partners registering their first projects, including universities, housing providers, and local councils.

In response to market needs, SPA launched four new frameworks in 2023/24, focusing on modernizing public sector and social housing buildings, improving safety in buildings, and more. The organization also welcomed new team members and organized events to engage suppliers and promote the benefits of participating in SPA frameworks.

Looking ahead, SPA is not slowing down. The organization plans to launch six new frameworks to drive innovation, create opportunities for SMEs to work with the public sector, and promote social value and community benefits. With a pipeline of over 600 live projects worth £1.1 billion, SPA continues to deliver significant benefits to Scottish communities.

Overall, SPA’s achievements in 2023/24 demonstrate its commitment to supporting public sector partners, driving economic growth, and delivering high-quality projects that benefit communities across Scotland. As the organization looks towards the future, it is clear that SPA will continue to play a vital role in shaping the Scottish procurement landscape.

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